An Exercise Bike Alternative

If you enjoy riding an exercise bike and are considering purchasing one, you may wish to consider another option first. Do you already own a regular bike? If you do, a bike trainer may be a better route to go. This can save you a lot of money and also a lot of storage space. A trainer is a stand you hook your bike onto that provides resistance either through the use of air, fluid, or magnetism. One of the largest benefits is the small amount of room they take up in comparison to a traditional exercise bike.

There are three different types of trainers each with their own qualities. You will have to determine which of them is the best fit for your. Wind trainers use a fan to create resistance with the air that you work against. They are the least expensive, however a major downside is the noise generated as you pedal. They work well for beginners because the resistance can be on the lighters side. The harder you pedal the more resistance you will gain at least to a point.

Magnet trainers make a great mid level trainer. The price is comparable to a wind trainer and beginners to intermediate riders may find this style practical. The magnet trainers are very quiet compared to the wind and the fluid trainers but you do give up some quality in the resistance area.

Fluid trainers are tht top of the line, feeling similar to riding on the road with your bike. These can be expensive and are not without it’s own problems. Using a “fan” encased in liquid to create resistance, it is considerably more complex than it’s counterparts which leads to more wear and tear over it’s lifetime. Some models have been reported to leak.

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