Sciatic Pain Relief

Sciatic Pain Relief

The sciatic nerve is a very large nerve, the largest in the body, that provides nerve messages from the back to the butt, legs and feet.  Feelings such as  hot and cold, pain and vibration are carried via this nerve. Additionally, muscle control and strength are carried along the sciatic nerve as well as reflexes at the knee and ankle.

Sciatic pain symptoms vary depending on on which area of the nerve is irritated. You experience only buttock discomfort, while your friend may experience discomfort from both buttocks all the way down the legs. Still, other people could sense only numbness or pain on the very tip of the big toe.

Sciatica pain relief usually involves seeing a medical doctor for medications such  as steroids or other anti-inflammatory drugs. If your case persists he or she may recommend a cortisone injection. These treatments are often unsuccessful and in some cases can be very expensive let alone dangerous.

If you choose a more alternative approach like chiropractic sciatica relief you will often be treated with physiotherapy such as heat, ice, electrical stimulation, exercises and spinal adjustments. The upside is less invasive and fewer side effects, but the downside is the therapy is often prolonged.

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